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Our Services

Carpet Cleaning

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Royal Carpet Cleaning provides our clients with the best carpet cleaning in the market. We use Counter rotating Technology to pre vacuum your carpets. We apply an environmentally friendly pre spray that consist of a neutral ph and enzymes that are able to suspend stains from normal traffic lane use, and organic stains.  We allow approximately 10 minutes of dwell time and extract it via the most powerful Truck Mount in the market a 69 horse power unit that delivers heat ranging from 235°-270° If ever needed. At the same time as we are steam cleaning your carpet we have an alkaline rinsing agent that is removing all of the remaining solutions on your carpet leaving it nice and soft and residue free.

Upholstery Cleaning


We start off our upholstery cleaning by throughly pre vacuuming your furniture thoroughly removing dirt, pet hair and dust that has developed over time. We make a fine fabric shampoo for both natural and synthetic fibers and apply it by hand using soft brushes. We use organic spotters when necessary and pre agitate areas where there is more use. We allow proper dwell time and begin a Luke warm water extraction. Using our innovative Rotovac upholstery tool that has dual injection spraying technology we are able to clean your fabrics deeply and thoroughly without over wetting your furniture. As we are cleaning the upholstery we are using a Fine fabric rinsing agent that balances out the Ph levels of your upholstery leaving them soft and colorful once again. 

Tile & Grout Cleaning

Tile and grout cleaning santa barbara

We begin by sweeping the area thoroughly. Masking off all cabinets and stainless steel furniture you may have. We prespray your natural tile or floors with a alkaline based solution that contains 100% organic citrus booster and a oxidizing blaster that is able to remove all the tuff grime and dirt that has developed onto your tile and grout. As we apply our solutions we bring out our Counter Rotating machine that has special stiff bristle brushes and begin to pre agitate your floors thoroughly. We extract via hot water extraction using our tile and grout spinner. Once we are finished cleaning your floors we mop them thoroughly using a neutral rinsing agent that will remove any remaining solutions left behind. 

Oriental Rug Cleaning

Oriental rug cleaning Santa Barbara

 We begin by pre-vacuuming your rugs with our counter rotating machine. We use special white soft bristle brushes with diamond tips to ensure the natural fibers are not damaged in the process. We then proceed to applying a solution called color stabilization. The purpose of that is to ensure that all the colors of the oriental rug are stabilized and to prevent any bleeding from happening. We pre spray your rugs using a solutions that meet and exceeds the safe standards of oriental rug cleaning. We pre agitate your rug one more time to suspend any soils and perform any spot cleaning with our special organic stain removals that are only meant to be used on natural fibers. This includes any food stains, wine, pet urine and many more. We then proceed to our cold water extraction using a special rinsing agent specially designed for oriental rugs to ensure all the solutions are removed and your beautiful investment is looking good as new.

Water Damage Restoration

Water damage Santa Barbara

We immediately rush to your home and begin to extract all the water whether it’s clean water or sewer waste. We start off by removing your contaminated pad and tack strips from the floor. We determine how much space has been damaged and begin to apply our restoration disinfectant to all the walls, base boards, sub flooring, backing of the carpet as well as the top of the carpet. Our product is 99% environmentally safe and eco friendly and kills 99.99% of bacteria such as gram negative and gram positive bacteria within the first 30 seconds of it being applied. We leave several commerical air movers onsite as well as several commerical dehumidifiers that extract up to 30 gallons of water a day each. If needed we also provide our clients with commercial hepa filters. We use local sub contractors to replace any damaged dry wall, padding, tack strips and Restretch the carpet into place. We clean the carpet and disinfect it thoroughly by cleaning the front and back side of it and use a organic compound solution to remove any browning from water damage. We put all the furniture back to how it was and our job has been completed like if it had never happened.  We advise our clients that if sewer waste was indeed the cause of the water damage there must be a complete replacement of the damaged carpet and padding due to sanitary reasons.

Fire Damage Restoration

Fire Damage Restoration Santa Barbara

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